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Make money lending your belongings to people in your area.

We’ve got you covered

We take safety seriously, Every borrower in our marketplace gets verified by our team and should things go wrong, our item guarantee has your back.

Our lender guarantee covers items up to £25,000, in partnership with Hiscox insurance.

Getting started

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Think of all the great things you have to lend in your home from tools to toys everything inbetween

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Take some photos and set a price

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Add a bio to your profile

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Respond promptly to messages and requests and start completing rentals

How lending works

1. Arrange

Make sure you’re available for handovers on the days being booked by the borrower.

2. Accept

Once a user is verified by our risk algorithms and our team, you’ll receive a request to accept.

3. Handover

Take a few pictures of the items and hand them over to the borrower.

4. Payment

24 hours after the rental starts, we’ll pay out your earnings to your account.

Playing your part

Lending on Fat Llama doesn’t just help you earn money. You’re also contributing to a circular economy, making better use of resources and helping to protect this wonderful planet we live on.

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